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 Swordfish Rod

Sword fishing has made a comeback and the demand for high quality rods to catch them is rising. We designed a heavy duty E-glass stand-up rod with Aftco wind on roller guides and JPR  2-piece butt. This heavy duty rod is built solid and looks very nice. All of the guides are under wrapped with CUSTOM COLORED thread so the guides never touch the blank and double wrapped with CUSTOM COLORED Thread for maximum strength.

6Aftco Bigfoot Roller

Aftco Bigfoot RollerChaos Two Piece Aluminum Butt

Blank Taper

  • Aftco Bigfoot Roller
  • Chaos Two Piece Aluminum Butt
  • All Aftco Roller Guides and Top
  • Custom Black and Gold Wrap
  • E-Glass Construction
  • Fast Taper Blank
  • EVA Foregrip
  • Hand Crafted

  • PRICE: $479.99

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    Stand up Trolling Rod
    It is the perfect medium action stand-up rod for offshore trolling. It features gold Stuart roller guides. The extra wide opening on these guides make them very popular when fishing with wind-on leaders. They are built on a Black Magic Mojo 30-50 blank which are virtually unbreakable and come with a lifetime warranty* against breakage. We use the Chaos black & gold aluminum butts on these to match our signature black & gold wrappings. All of our rod guides are under wrapped with gold thread so the guide does not touch the blank and then double wrapped with D thread to ensure maximum strength.
    Our Price:$285.00

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    chaos fishing rods
    chaos fishing rods
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