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OTI Phantom Popper

10in / 120gram

Built tough to last bite after bite. OTI poppers are constructed from solid hardwoods selected for the best density and buoyancy.

Shaped for action, balance, and castability, the body is then carefully sealed and painted. A wide range of designs, including glow-in-the-dark and laser effects, ensure that you’ll find an OTI popper to meet the demands of any fishing condition.

Using the finest quality heavy duty components, a unique through-body wire and swivel system, OTI poppers do not fail from rotational pressures that often cause other poppers to crack or hooks to straighten.

For best results, we recommend launching OTI poppers with OTI OceanXtreme or Tuna Sniper popping rods, designed to cast beyond the reach of traditional rods.

Comes fully rigged and ready to fish with Raptor 4X Strong Trebel Hooks and Raptor #10 XH Split-Rings.

OTI Phantom Popper

OTI Phantom Popper


OTI phantom colors


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chaos fishing rods
chaos fishing rods
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