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chaos fishing rods
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Century fishing rods Noreaster series of rods is  designed just for the North East fisherman

. The rod features a rough (un-ground) finish for extra strength, and also better durability in rocks and other rod breaking terrain. They have a special wind of carbon in them, and for guys using spinners, (ATT) Anti-Twist Technology. This keeps the blank spine inline, throughout the cast and fight with big boys, even with the rod twisting torque of spinning guides. Rod blanks were meant to be bent, not twisted. They’re also processed through our autoclave which makes the best composite available. We have added one other little bit to the construction of the blank…a woven carbon flag around the bottom half of the blank which adds extra fish fighting ability, more power in the cast and extra guard against rocks , and using your rod as a walking stick.

 Great distance, 

great bend to fight fish without being over powered in heavy current, and its light, so it won’t wear you out after a full day of swimming, wading, walking, and fishing.

20-80# line



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chaos fishing rods
chaos fishing rods
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chaos fishing rods